Collectibles are really any items one would want to showcase as centerpieces, conversation pieces, or just to keep the family history alive. If you want to pass on treasured heirlooms, or are looking for other treasures to add to your collection, Antique Auctions Plus presents everything from pieces of Americana to ancient Asian art pieces. Antique and art collectibles are used to present as gifts and show honor to someone in a high position. Whether you are giving to Grandma or to a five star general, offering collectibles from Antique Auctions Plus is bound to be a hit with the recipient.

Come to our auction house and preview all the historical coins, statues, and sculptures from all time periods. You never know what you’ll find that is just what you were looking for! Your imagination is the only limitation when you’re previewing our collectibles before auction. From collectible dishes to cars, Antique Auctions Plus hosts a warehouse for every collectible you can imagine. Just stop on by to see what we’re talking about.

Searching and bidding on rare collectibles means more than just buying junk to fill your shelves. The collectibles we offer will have your house guests and family talking for hours about the rich history associated with each precious piece. Add an unusual art piece or classic car to your home’s decor. Your guests will be enthralled with the story told by each item. You may even find a common interest with your family and friends.