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Because art is an expression of its creator’s heart, you’ll find an array of pieces from paintings to sculptures that wow the senses and accentuate the rest of your collectible art. Our auction house has hosted pieces from well known local, regional and international artists. No matter your definition of art, we’re sure to have something ready for auction that will fit perfectly with your home or office decor. At Antique Auctions Plus, our bidders become sellers, and you’re bound to find exquisite art that pleases even the most discerning taste.

So whether you’re shopping for high-end collectible art, or just want to find some color and texture to add to your collection, our items are available for preview and early bidding online when online auctions are running. Otherwise, you are welcome to stop by and preview everything we have on consignment. It’s worth the trip just to gander at the art that fills our auction house. You may just find the exact piece you had imagined, and possibly at a price below retail if the auction moves in your favor. Before you search elsewhere, call and let us know when you’d like to come for a tour. We would gladly share all our art items with you.