The tradition of presenting rare and aged antiques as gifts is recognized in different societies all over the world. The custom of giving beautiful bronze and wood sculptures has been a favored tradition for a long time across various cultures. Highly coveted relics of the past tell us how civilization evolved and mark important time periods in history. Antique Auctions Plus proudly presents artifacts and aged art pieces from everywhere in the world. We have hosted antiques from the Mediterranean Sea, Greece, Rome, Ancient Egypt and anywhere unique furnishings and accent pieces have been crafted.

Whether you’re looking to add coins, statues, or sculptures to your collection, our auction house is full of classic antiques to wow your senses. Well preserved antiques are obviously the most coveted pieces to interest our bidders. Old time pieces, furniture, and other collectibles remind us of times gone by. They also preserve a tangible connection to the past.

A portion of the rarest and most desirable relics have appeared in our auctions. Each antique we show is accessible for inspection and pre-bidding. Gathering precious antiques is more than simply filling racks with things that gather dust. Ancient pieces are rich in history and tell the stories of our descendants and the way they lived. Adding a collectible antique to your home or office is certain to incite lots of discussion with visitors.